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Hi, I'm new with evernote but I've quickly fallen in love with this software. I usually do research and have a lot of papers to read and others to work on. I think it would be very helpful to have some something like a reference manager with different formats like APA, IEEE, etc. Not a replacement for Mendeley or Zotero, but some times I just need to store a paper reference along side with the paper itself and my notes or just the reference in order to look for the paper or to paste it on my papers.

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I also use Mendeley, and I found it very useful for its main purpose which is reference management. It has tags, searching by PDF content, different styles of citations.
But it lacks a good approach to make notes. You can highlight PDF content, provide some notes per each paper, but not provide more general ones. It would be great to have a sort of synchronization option between Evernote and Mendeley. Right now I configured Mendeley to save all the PDFs I have on Google Drive which is also connected to Evernote. But this only allows me to store plain PDFs without previously highlighted stuff in Mendeley.

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