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Giving feedback method & Survey unbalanced



Hi, Generally I love Evernote and have been using it for years. This morning when I opened the app on my phone, I was prompted to take a survey, which I did. However, after the 'what do you like screen', I expected a 'what can be improved' box. Instead, the survey ended. I feel strongly enough about this that instead of doing work, I've spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to give feedback. There is no easy way to give general feedback like this from within the app or on the main website. Make it easy. Set up a feedback form on the main page. Sure, you might get a lot of complaints in to filter through, but if you get people saying the same thing over and over again, then that's something that needs to be address.

The other feedback I wanted to give on the survey that I'll post here in the hopes it goes to the right place:

- The Dark Feature is nice, but the keyboard doesn't go dark. This is really hard on the eyes, so I don't use this feature which is incredibly frustrating because I do a lot of typing in the dark when putting my kids to sleep.

- Can't give feedback as discussed above.

- My mobile app (iPhone) doesn't allow me to make new tags. Can only be done through the computer.

- The mobile app really needs an 'undo' button instead of having to shake the phone. Numerous times I've had to shake my phone to undo something in a situation where it was really not convenient. Undo button. Please!

- When I export a document that I write in Evernote, the formatting gets totally screwed up. It doesn't matter if I export into Word, WPS writer, Google docs. The formatting screws up which makes it very frustrating. So especially if I want to do anything that requires using bullet-points, like take meeting minutes or just make lists of to-do's that I will have to export, I DON'T use Evernote. It's not worth the hassle. Even for regular documents, if I export it from Evernote, I need to strip out all the formatting and re-do it in whatever program I'm using. Exporting like this has just become a recent need for me, however, after having to reformat an entire 200-page document, I'm seriously looking at other alternative programs.


There's a lot I love about this program, most of which I said in my survey, but the above are issues which really rankle. I hope they get sorted out.




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