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Web clipper 7.9.0 deciding where to put my info


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Evernote Web Cliper extension 7.9.0 in Chrome

The Web Clipper used to always put my web captures in my default notebook. Recently it has decided to put the web capture in a notebook it thinks is more appropriate. 

How do I tell it to stop and revert to the normal method?

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The web clipper has 3 notebook options (this is windows / Firefox, web clipper 6.13.2, but I think the chrome clipper is similar):

  • Smart Filing (automatic pick)
  • Last notebook clipped to (manually defined in the last clipping done)
  • Allways to a(ny) default notebook (not necessarily the Inbox)

From your description, „Smart Filing“ is probably activated. If you have activated „Smart Filing“ in the web clippers options, the web clipper will try to pick the most appropriate notebook for the export. This can lead to a „random“ notebook depending on the guess of the machine logic. The same algorithm can as well propose tags to be added.

In the web clippers options (last point way down the web clippers window, often below the visible area) you can decide to deactivate this option, and choose one of the others.

And of course you can keep it active, correct the choice, and over time it will improve its guesses and become more and more accurate. This will require some patience, but IMHO will pay off in the long term.

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Evernote apparently upgraded the Web Clipper and automatically reverted it back to Smart Filing. I shut it down a couple of years ago.

I found the solution to shut it down. 

* Right click on the Evernote Clipper icon
* Select <Options>
* Under General, scroll down to <Notebook Destination>
* Select <Use> and pick default notebook

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