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EN 7.9 - can you make local notebook the default?

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I updated to EN 7.9 (mostly by mistake) and am still trying to get back where I was previously.  I've used EN for an eternity, and still want to keep all of my notes local to my computer, backing them up via Time Machine, as always.

However, now my standard notebook, which is local, is no longer the default in EN, and I see no way to make it so.  If I right-click on the local notebook in the notebook list I get only "Delete Notebook" as an option, and under "Preferences" the default lists contains only the single non-local empty notebook I had to keep around.  I would use this other notebook if there was any way to turn off syncing on it.

Any hints gratefully accepted. 

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I always thought the Default Notebook needed to be a synchronized notebook, as that's where Evernote deposits notes, clips webpages, etc. I'm curious, what function do you need for your local notebook, that the Local Notebook needs to be the Default Notebook? I can't think of any, that wouldn't require it to be synchronized.

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I don't synchronize anything at all.  I've used Evernote since it was a standalone db which one could actually fill up and need to start over.  Can't remember how many years that's been.

Whatever the elephant is called on the Mac menu bar, that lets you begin a note from clips, pictures and text will always go to the default notebook, at least that's my experience.  I want it to always go to a local notebook.  Or turn off syncing entirely.

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The default notebook is specified for the account; it can not be a local notebook.

Evernote is a cloud service, running on multiple devices and the web.  The default notebook must be available on all devices and web.

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I've used EN for years.  I'd like to continue to use it the way I've always used it.  Is there some way to make the mini-menu write to a different notebook?  I'll keep the default as an empty notebook, as I have for many versions in the past.  I just want MY notes to go elsewhere.  Glad for others to sync, I don't need it to.

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22 minutes ago, LovedSkitch said:

Is there some way to make the mini-menu write to a different notebook?

This is the Evernote Helper app; clicking "Save to Evernote" creates a note in the default notebook

Instead of clicking Save, you can manually create a note and move the data.
Images can be dragged.

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Well, until this version, I could specify where this helper app saved the notes.  Is there NO WAY to change that?  Why would they alter the app's behavior?  Don't most people use the helper app to gather info for a note?  This seems less than optimal for anyone's use of EN.  Yes, I know I can drag the stuff in, or I could go to the main app and just make a note there.  But seriously...



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11 minutes ago, LovedSkitch said:

So, one CAN change where the helper app saves new notes - you can change the location to any synced notebook.

The list will not include any local notebooks.  That's a big, irritating change.

I wasn't aware of any change to the process.

Regardless, you can post a feature request in the Mac forum.

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3 hours ago, LovedSkitch said:

that lets you begin a note from clips, pictures and text will always go to the default notebook

Ah, yes, that is a use case for having the default notebook set to a Local Notebook. As @DTLow noted, your best bet is to submit a feature request for the Evernote Helper menu having an advanced setting to save to a Local Notebook.

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