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Epub reader with full Evernote integration?

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I’ve got a question. I run a course at a university, and I’ve been using Evernote to keep all the readings in one place. They’re all super long, so its necessary for me to highlight important passages so I can refer to them later again. They’re all PDFs, so on my Macbook I can just open the files in Preview and highlight away. When I hit Save, the Evernote version of the article gets updated, which means I can view the file (with the highlights) again on another computer, or on my tablet. 
But can do I this for Epubs? I prefer to read on my Android tablet for obvious reasons, but I’ve not been able to find an ebook reader that links to Evernote well. If I open an Epub from Evernote, and it opens in PocketBook eReader or whatever, those highlights don’t migrate across to the file in Evernote. Instead it only affects the local file on the tablet’s harddrive. So one thing that that app can do is export highlights as an .html file which I can put in Evernote, which is fine, but I’d much prefer to have the whole book/article available and then easily see the highlights as well, and not just on their own completely out of context.
Does such a thing exist? Do I have to wait for native Epub capabilities some day?
Thanks for your time.
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Hi.  Your current process with PDFs just relies on the fact that an Evernote attachment can be opened by any suitable editor,  and the amended version saved back to the note.  No special 'integration' required.  If you can find some specialist epub software with an editor that allows you to highlight text and save back to an epub file,  that should be enough.  Some web searching and research required though,  I think - please let us know if you find a good epub editor.

You could also look into whether highlights transfer when an edited PDF file is converted to an epub file.  Calibre is certainly capable of converting the epub file to PDF and back.  It also has some epub editing features.  Calibre has an inbuilt library folder,  but it also edits epubs.  It could be useful to try it out.

It would be (IMHO) highly unlikely for Evernote to want to be directly involved in any of this unless there are a lot of users desperate for something similar.  You could post in the section below to see if there is any support for the suggestion...
General Feature Requests 


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Thanks for your reply!

Just did a bit more research, it seems that epub files don't support any annotation functionality within themselves. Its the e-reader software that creates that ability, but the annotations never get stored in-file. Which means that, at least for now, I'll have to content myself with exporting highlights as an external file and plonking those into Evernote.

Or converting the epub files to PDF... but then I'll run into another issue, which is whether annotated PDFs will automatically be saved back into Evernote when I'm on a tablet. I'll probably have to manually reupload the changed file every time I'm done reading.

Phew! But nah, I won't make a feature request to Evernote as I'm sure they'll just ignore it. If its taken 7 years of people wanting different highlighter colours and its still not happened, then I doubt they'll add epub reading capabilities any time soon.

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10 minutes ago, zigzagwanderer said:

whether annotated PDFs will automatically be saved back into Evernote when I'm on a tablet

Just had a quick check in the current Evernote beta and it worked for me on a Samsung tablet.  :)

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