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Sharing notes and printing

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I can't figure out how to print from the Evernote app on my Android phone. I have a Huawei P10 Plus with Android 8 what should be the latest version of the app. I have a Basic account. It seems really strange to me that the share button - which is shaped the same as the share button on all other Android apps - brings me to an Evernote-specific share feature as opposed to the common Android share feature. For example, in other apps dealing with documents, if I click on the share button, I can select my printer's Android app and use that to print from my phone to my printer. Has Evernote changed the location of this global share feature? Or have they decided to not allow users to share outside of Evernote?

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Hi.  Are you printing the note content,  or an attached file?  If it is the content,  it might be feasible to use a browser on your device to log in via Evernote.com,  find the note and then share using the browser's features rather than Evernote.

Don't think it's a case of Evernote not wanting to allow their users to share outside of Evernote - anyone could always copy and paste content and / or attachments into a standard email anyway.  More a question that a printing option in Android has never been available before,  and it's not caused much comment until now.

(And for the record I don't find that many other apps have a share function that includes printing - although I admit quite a few have a 'print' button...)

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Thanks for the responses, and for the link @Dave-in-Decatur. I'll check it out when I get some time.

@gazumped, you're right that there isn't a direct print feature in most Android apps. I suppose what I was hoping for is the standard share feature found in most other apps, where you can then share content from the one app to a selection of other installed apps (including email, SMS, several social media platforms, etc.). In my particular case, because on of my installed apps is the print app from my printer's manufacturer, this share feature allows me to select the print app and use it to print remotely from my phone. In truth, I was surprised (and slightly annoyed/frustrated) that the share button in Evernote has the same design as the share button in other apps but works to only share via Evernote's sharing system. However, I like your suggestion about using Evernote Web and then my browser's share button.

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I ran into this problem recently and did find a workaround, although I don't know if it will work for all printers. 

First off, you cannot log into the web version of Evernote from Android, at least not from chrome. So that option is out.

I finally found that my HP printer has an email address. So I go into my note and do this:

1. Select share. 

2. With the share dialog box open, click on the three dots upper right and select Email copy of note. If you don't do this, your printer kindly prints a page showing a button for the link to the note, not helpful 😜

3. Put in the email address of the printer and send it off. Works acceptably well. 

I agree with others that with WiFi printers so common, print should become a standard option under the share button, but at least this gets the job 95% done.

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I guess I mean a) it's slightly less slick than having a print option; b) you need to know the email address of your printer, not a trivial thing for some people/printers; and c) with the setting I describe, you get the text of the note and nothing else, no title, no folder info, etc., just text. But with those caveats, it's work just fine!

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It really beggars belief that after all these years of discussing the need for a print option in the app, Evernote still doesn't have one!

Is there some kind of backlogged feature list that we can vote for?

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