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I can't get all my notes




I can log on to my account on my Linux computer. However, when I click ''All notes' , all the notes do not come to the screen. This has never happened to me.

What is the problem? I have no problems to access 'All notes' on my Android based mobile phone.

I always use my desktop computer for almost everything on the Internet. 

The Linux computer works fine for more than 15 years.

Please help me.


I have Evernote Plus account.

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I'm guessing you're using the web access at www.evernote.com

If you're using the beta version; downgrade to the previous version.

Instructions at 


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I have not upgraded or downgraded. I just use it.

How do I downgrade?

This is hell for me. I can't access my evernote on the desktop computer.

I have a plus account. I pay some money to keep evernote. Because this is the most important program on the Internet, as far as I am concerned.

I can access evernote on my mobile phone, however.

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