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Shane D.

Welcome to the new Evernote for Android Beta Forum!

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Hi All,

With the closure of Google +, we've launched this new section within the discussion forums to act as a centralized location where we will announce new beta releases for Evernote for Android, and where users can share their questions, thoughts, and feedback regarding those betas!

If you're wondering how to enroll in the Android Beta for Evernote, please see this.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!


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I hope that we'll get nice version-specific notes for the beta releases, as we do for the Windows betas.

Also -- OT, but... -- is it time for a web client beta forum?

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Hi, can you tell me whether evernote should work on a tablet with Android 9 yet?  Or do i need a beta to make that work?  I'm getting the attached right now. Thanks. Tom




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