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Bug w Unsync



I have a new PC and installed Evernote. I am prompted to unsync devices which I do (the old PC). However, the prompt keeps popping up. So basically Evernote is manipulating you into upgrading or this is a severe bug. You cant close this window without signing out. So at this point I cannot use the Windows app without upgrading.

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Basic accounts are allowed access with two simultaneous devices, not counting web access.

Use one of your other devices (or web access).  Use the Devices page in account settings to revoke access to your inactive device.

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Hi there.


Same thing happened to my account.  I tried to login from another device (the laptop) and it kept prompting me to upgrade.

So i did follow the prompt to unsync/remove a device but it kept popping back again and showing the UPGRADE prompt again.


I tried removing the unused device from three different interfaces ie. ios/iphone app, windows laptop app and evernote web but the result are the same.


There seem to be a deeper technical issue which wont allow the device to be unsynnced.

I hope someone from Evernote tech department can help and solve this quickly as i am a quite heavy user of evernote and need to get this sorted out real quick.  

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I've recently upgraded my phone, installed Evernote unsynced my old phone and voilá I get an unsync prompt again, so I unsync the phone again and there we go one more time - unsync prompt but now it tells me that I have already unsynced 2 devices this month and logs me off the app.

I feel that my notes are now held hostage.

Any thoughts on how to fix it on my own?

I've loved the app for years but this is a dealbreaker.



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