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Can I find the page number of a PDF in a note?



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3 hours ago, Nashvillian said:

I have a 92-page PDF of scans with no page numbers that I've placed in a note. Is there a way to tell which page of the PDF I'm on when viewing the PDF within Evernote?

Evernote/Mac has a couple of display options for pdfs; no display of page count.
I would switch to Adobe Reader or Mac Preview for a page count indicator

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Thanks for the responses.

I placed the PDF in Evernote because only a few of the 92 pages have information that I need. Since Evernote will OCR the scans within the PDF, I can search for the information I need and Evernote will take me to a specific page. My thought was to then go to that page in the PDF in Acrobat or Preview and grab it from the other 91 pages. However, since Evernote doesn't let me know what the page number is, I would still have to go through most of the 92 pages and compare page-by-page.

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If you OCR the Pdf on creation (which many tools offer) you would not need EN to make the OCR and search for a string. You could use Adobe Reader or other pdf reading apps to search and find.

My personal setup: Besides the ScanSnap-Scanner that comes with an Abby OCR solution, I use the app ScannerPro that creates a pdf on the iPhone and OCRs it in one go. Most of the PDFs that I send into EN are already OCRed before they are submitted.

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