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Notes need archiving help, request help!



March 8 at six in the morning to half past seven, personal user data exception, covered by long ago archive, then appeared three same notes or documents, and then covers have been constantly updated automatically now use of documents and content, to ask for help, and lost some important documents, personal accounts and other software activation code, need to contact your company customer service recovery of the specified time period.Personal contact informationAccount nickname: YUTOU (taro) jiu LAN shu(+ 86) 18583001654QQ: 276202687Email:276202687@qq.com


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From 6:00 to 7:30 a.m. on March 8th, the abnormal user data was covered by the archives long ago. Then three identical notes or files appeared. Then, they were updated automatically and synchronously to cover the archives and contents in use, seeking help, and missing some important files, account numbers and startup codes of other personal software. We need to contact your company for customer service recovery. Records for a specified period of time. Personal contact number

nickname: YUTOU (taro)

Mobile phone : (+86) 18583001654

QQ: 276202687

Email: 276202687@qq.com 


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