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Scannable App with Two-Step Verification ?


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Just posted this same question to the Evernote for IOS forum, but I'm just now realizing that this forum is more appropriate, sorry !

am about to enable two-step verification on my Evernote account, which is also connected to the Scannable App on my iPhone.   Once two-step verification is enabled, will I need to provide a verification code to Scannable ?   Will I need an application specific password for Scannable ?

Thanks !

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Found this on Evernote site:

Will my scanner, app, or other partner product work with two-step verification?

Some apps or products do not yet support two-step verification. When you attempt to connect one of these products to your Evernote account, your correct password will not be accepted. In these cases, you will need to use an application password in place of your actual account password. Create a unique application password in your account settings under Security Summary > Manage Settings > Generate New Application Password.

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