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Don't Print "Untitled" Note title when Printing



If I am using Evernote as a word processor and draft a letter and wish to print it and only wish to print the note contents EN unfortunately prints the Untitled header too at the top of the Note. It is not needed. If unfilled don't print or make it a user pref to.


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On 3/11/2019 at 4:22 PM, caffeineplease said:

Have you notice the problem I describe? When Printing with no title.

Yes, on Mac
1. The note title defaults to "Untitled" (actual text)
2. Note title always prints, no option to turn it off

On Web, the note title defaults to "Untitled"; the note title doesn't print

On IOS, the default title is "Note"; the headers print

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4 minutes ago, caffeineplease said:

If I am using Evernote as a word processor and draft a letter

This would not be my choice for the editor app.  The document would be filed in Evernote, but I'd be using Word/Pages.

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On 3/11/2019 at 4:10 PM, caffeineplease said:

You can make a simple document in an Evernote Note. No need to use a Word Processor if it will only be printed or maybe then saved to a PDF.

If it's working for you, that's great.
I do use the Evernote editor for basic notes.
For more serious work, I need extended features like printing; I use dedicated editors

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This is driving me crazy! I use Evernote to draft correspondence because it's easy to organize for reference later and because I can edit from my Mac or my iPhone. But when I go to print or export to PDF, there's NO WAY TO HIDE THE TITLE (yes, I'm screaming right now). So I wind up copying and pasting the final draft to Pages, where I have to reformat everything and THEN export to PDF. I spend extra time formatting everything twice and wind up with three copies of every letter (Evernote, Pages, and PDF). It's such a waste of time and hard-drive space.

If this doesn't change, it could be a dealbreaker for me. As I have time, I'm currently researching competitors, hoping to find an alternative that will allow me to use their software exclusively to organize and edit casual notes and formal correspondence all in one place, rather than using Pages simply to remove a mandatory note title from the print version.

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