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I guess b/c I don't pay to use Evernote, they can't help me...I lost the one, single most important note I had.  I was deleting a few empty notes, and outdated notes, and the one that I need is GONE.  I NEVER would have deleted it, and it is not in TRASH, like the other notes I intentionally deleted.  Is it gone forever?  Where would it have gone to??  Any chance at all to retrieve it?  Any and all help would be awesome!

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Hi.  Have you searched your account for some keywords from this note?  It is rather easy to move notes to other notebooks by mistake.  Deleted notes should be in the Trash notebook if they have been deleted. 

You should certainly try @EvernoteHelps if you haven't already.  What device and OS were you using when you lost this note?  Do you have any other devices that haven't updated from the server recently?  Disconnect them from the internet and see what information you have stored there.  Do you have any backups of your data?  Might you have a copy of the note somewhere?  These are all possible lifelines,  but if none of them are available to you I'm afraid the content of the note is likely lost. 


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