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need help to retrieve notes from iTunes

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In Nov 2018 I upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 12.1.2. I then discovered that all my evernotes were erased and the app had a new look. When I went to Apple to ask how to retrieve Evernotes they told me the following:

If I go to iTunes and restore the files, ALL current iPhone data will be overwritten, means I might get Evernotes back but all recent photos etc will be wiped out from the phone. Apparently there is no manual way to fish out only the evernotes to import back on the iphone.

Does anyone has a troubleshooting advice?


Mike B.


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Your notes are not retrieved from iTunes.

Evernote is a cloud service; the master copy of your data is stored on the Evernote servers and is not impacted by upgrades to your phone.

Possibly you logged in using a different userid/password and are no longer accessing the proper Evernote account.

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The answer from Apple is correct and incorrect at the same time.

If an iTunes backup is used to restore an i-device , all data stored locally on the iPhone will be replaced by the data saved in / with iTunes.

... except cloud-first services like EN. There, restoring the backup will only restore the apps and access keys (which may help as well, but this can be achieved by less drastic measures).

So using the iTunes backup would in itself not bring EN data back even when you pay the price to loose data created after the itunesbackup was filed. On the other side, no upgrade of iOS will ever change the data in EN - because it is safely tucked away in it’s iCloud-vault. 

I think the assumption of DTLow that you are simply not logged into your account is the most likely explanation.

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