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Evernote crashes evertime I drag an image from web browser

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Hi there,

I use Evernote as a scrapbook for images grabbed from the web. For the last few months however, Evernote crashes immediately when I drag an image into it from my web browser.

Using Chrome or Safari (same thing happens in both) if I drag an image onto the Evernote dock icon, Evernote quits immediately. This used to happen a few versions ago but was fixed in an update. 

Mac 10.14.3 / Evernote 7.9

Have been sending crash reports btw



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Having issues dragging audio recordings from Voice Memos app in macOS Catalina (10.15) into Evernote desktop app fro macOS  (v7.13).

It was working fine at first, but then suddenly just stopped accepting the files from Voice Memos. No error message appears, just the mouse pointer appears as the drag pointer (little fist) and then goes back to normal or sometimes just randomly crashes Evernote.



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