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Issues with formatting when copy/pasting

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Hey I’m having issues with formatting when copy/pasting, can you please help? I’m trying to paste guitar chords and tabs into evernote (copied from ultimateguitar.com or other sites ), but evernote often messes up the formatting. It messes up guitar tabs 100% of the time and it messes up chordsheets around 50% of the time. Haven’t been able to figure out what causes it to work sometimes and sometimes not work when pasting chordsheets. Have also noticed this issue when pasting some other text too, but the main issue is with guitar tabs/chords where formatting is essential.

It seems to be an issue with evernote because pasting works fine 100% of the time when pasting into text edit. I also just tested and found that it works fine when i paste from ultimate guitar into text edit, and then paste it from text edit into evernote, so not sure whats going on. Pics below.

Is there any way to fix evernote so that it just properly saves chordsheets and tabs without messing up formatting?



Note: i’ve tried using evernote clipper in chrome (with all options like clip selection, article, etc) but these all have their own issues with getting the formatting correct as well. Would appreciate insight about these too, whatever solution works best is cool, but it seems like the pasting is closer to working properly so focusing on this.

Note 2: have also tried using paste as plain text but this also messes up the formatting


 Chordsheet in textedit:



 Chordsheet in evernote:




 tabs in textedit:




 tabs in evernote:




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