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New Forum Feature Update: Best Answer

Shane D.

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Hi All,
I wanted to take some time to announce some changes you’ll be seeing in the discussion forums that we hope will help to improve your experience!
First, we will be enabling a feature called Best Answer that will enable the person that starts a thread to mark a specific reply/comment as the ‘Best Answer’. This will then mark the thread as ‘answered’, and enable other users to quickly see that the question has been answered.
To mark a reply as a Best Answer simply click on the 'check mark' icon in upper left hand corner of the post you're marking:
When marked with a Best Answer, the thread will look like this:
Then, you can see the 'Best Answer' clearly marked in list of forum posts:
Our hope is that the Best Answer feature will better enable users who are asking questions to get the information they’re looking for, while also enabling users that have similar questions to find that same information more easily.
Secondly, we’ve received a lot of feedback on the similarities between the FAQ’s and Best Practices sections. As there is a lot of overlap between the two, we’ll be merging the FAQ’s and Best Practices into a single forum under the banner FAQ's: Best Answers
Moving forward, the FAQ's: Best Answers section of the forums will become a repository for the Best Answers we see in the other parts of the forums.
Essentially, think of the FAQ's: Best Answers sections as a sort of best answers hall of fame.
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