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cannot print checklists

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MacBook Pro / OS Mojave 10.14.3 (I had the same issue with all previous OS as well) / Safari

  I cannot get Evernote checklists to print the check boxes when using Safari. Since there are no print options within Evernote, I can rule that out. I have tried changing options within my print screen, settings, and preferences. I have tried saving it as a pdf, downloading and printing that out. It's saves without the check boxes. It's always the same. Having put time and effort in creating helpful checklists, it would be nice to print it and take it with me; not being stuck to the computer or phone to use it.

  It does sort of work if I print using the Chrome browser. It's not flawless. It chops off the first half inch from the left margin in. So the document is incompletely  printed. I do not know whether to contribute this to the Mac or Chrome. I have to save it to pdf from Chrome and open the pdf to print it successfully.

  Either or, I think Evernote should be able to correctly print checklists directly through the browser. Safari is heavily used to Mac users; it's a bit surprising that this issue exists. But then again, I cannot find another example of it within Evernote's forums.

  Has anyone else experienced this or found a solution to it?

1 screenshot.png

2 printed through Safari.jpg

3 printed through Chrome.jpg

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