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Put in a way to prevent converting text to emoji



The automatic conversion of ":)" to :) and other text-into-emojis is annoying, but that you CANNOT TURN IT OFF is INEXPLICABLE. I do a lot of writing in Evernote and then pasting to another medium, and 99% of the time EverNote's emojis aren't supported by the other medium, to add insult to the injury that I didn't want an emoji in the first place. Ctrl-Z "undoes" the conversion to emoji, but as soon as you type anything else it just converts right back, so you have to jump through ridiculous hoops just to get EverNote to SHOW THE THING YOU TYPED.  I shouldn't have to write my sentence, go back to where I wanted ":)" and then cut-and-paste it in from Notepad, or put a space in the middle and then delete the space and oh heaven forbid you realize you want to put a space after it because BAM IT'S AN EMOJI AGAIN.

In conclusion: please either add an option to let the user disable the emojis or just turn it off entirely.

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This, definitely.  I don't want emojis because I'm not 12.  I do want to be able to type that something is less than 3, or refer to a server's D drive, without it changing into ❤️ or 😧 .

Make the automatic emojis an option you can enable if you want, but for goodness sake please stop doing it automatically or at least provide an option to turn them off.

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