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(Archived) i want the "most premium notebook" but already have premium

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sorry if this is in any way a double post, I conducted a search and found nothing that answered my question.

the thing is, I have premium (and had to gift it to myself, because I can't subscribe, being a german user) and my account is valid until may of 2011, I definitely plan on going on with premium, I love it.

now, if I buy the leather-bound notebook, which comes with 1 year of premium, can I still use that voucher in a year, or should I actually wait until next year, when my premium runs out, before I buy it?

I hope this question isn't one of those "oh my god why did he post a question for this? it's in the FAQ" questions. (I checked...okay, I *skimmed* the FAQ and couldn't find anything that related to my "issue" there either).

cheers and - if any Evernote employee is reading: - rock on guys, I love the product and support it with all my heart! (once I figure out exactly HOW I wanna use it, I'll probably love it even MORE!)....that last part was a joke :)

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When you receive the notebook, it will include a "gift code" that can be used for one year of Premium. If you have an existing Premium subscription, you can redeem that code for an additional year at the end of your current subscription.

(This is a little complicated if you payed with PayPal originally ... in that case, you'll need to cancel your PayPal subscription and then use the gift code when your current paid month/year expires.)

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awesome! thanks :)

and the problem with the paypal subscription is not a problem for me to be had, because I have to gift premium to myself anyway each year. paypal won't allow german paypal accounts to "subscribe".

consider the notebook bought, then.

thanks for the quick response!

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it's got the Elephant on it....why would i NOT like it? (you work for Evernote, why question the usefulness of a product? of course it's "great!" *corporate-puppet-smile*)

you say you stole one from the storage closet?...and where, if I may ask, is that closet, exactly? does it have a guard? I'm just asking out of...fun...i'm interested...that's all.

I don't plan to buy a plane-ticket to california, to break into your storage closet, just to get a notebook!..na-ah!

on a more serious note:

I always carry a small notebook around with me and it's almost full, so I need a replacement and this one seems like the perfect alternative because of its "renewable storage space" (patent for Term pending)

okay, enough with the lame jokes....although:

I love the small jokes in the podcasts, I am...if you will "the one guy" who listens to them all (but, rest assured, there's MANY more! just look at the last.fm page for Evernote podcasts. 15 is the most played of ALL!!!)

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