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Editing on Evernote Web does not save automatically


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Has anyone encountered this problem? I created a new note on Evernote Web (in google chrome) today and edited for like 2 hours. I thought the note would be saved online automatically but later I closed the web window and re-opened it, the note is not complete (actually it lost most of them!!!) OMG I want to kill myself now since those notes are super super important for me... Could anyone help with this? Is there any possibility to recover my complete note😭Thanks a lot!!!!

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12 小時前, beibei0120說:

Same stuff happening to me too! Now I have to use the app on Macbook so I can save it all the time manually.

My guess is, it is an issue happening to everyone now, hope they are fixing it now...

 They should let us know about this at least...


I'll just NEVER EVER use it again in my life...

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On 2/27/2019 at 5:11 AM, beibei0120 said:

it is an issue happening to everyone now

Happened to me too... in FaceBook yesterday.  My computer did the "Windows had a problem and had to shut down" dance in the middle of me writing a long post.  I rewrote the thing in Notebook after things booted back up - saving to my local disk frequently- and then copy/ pasted into the post.

Problem is that modern browsers seriously limit how 'smart' web-side apps can be,  in the interests of not letting your system get taken over every 5 minutes by hostile actors.  There's limited storage within the browser for 'in progress' writing,  and if the connection (or the system) goes down before you finish a long session and save to the server,  you're very likely to lose your work. 

So the cure is;  unless you're taking a quick note,  use a local app that can save to the HD while you edit your work,  then attach the file and/ or copy/ paste the content into a note.

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The same is happening to me (desktop Opera and Chrome)  Notes are not getting saved automatically and hence I'm loosing edits/newly styped notes. Whats happening? Havent experienced this before. 

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Is there any progress on this topic? 

I use Evernote for work every day on my android phone. It used to be perfect until about a year or more ago. Now if you close a note or tap out of it it only saves the new info around half the time! It's so frustrating. I'm going to change to a different app if I can't fix it. Which is a shame as it's a great app otherwise. 


This isn't a syncing problem for me I don't think. It doesn't even save to the device! 

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