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URLs ???



Pardon if im not find this article in earlier posts...

But ... When i save mark text from web page, i expect to have url of page above or under note text (like we have in google keep) ... but to see from which page  note been taken i need to goo so deep ( look to note info in bottom of menu) ... Note from site...  So, expectly, must be url here... Dont u think so?

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3 hours ago, Oleg_Fil said:

Yes... from clipper - and no, url still not present... as u can see here - https://i.imgur.com/CvrFyLq.gifv

The 'link' button in the toolbar is for inserting a new link, not for viewing the source link. You want the three-dot dropdown at the upper right hand corner, next to the green "Share" button. Click it, and select "View Note Info", and look for the URL field.

And no, the source URL is not shown as part of the note; it's in note info; if you want to add it to the note body, you'll need to do it yourself: you can just paste it directly into your note and that should work.

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