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ScanSnap producing skewed scans on Mac OS

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I am scanning documents into PDFs using ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner with version 1.0.51 of the Manager app on Mac OS X Mojave. Every page is skewed. The pages I am scanning are straight, they are going into the scanner straight. Yet the PDF output shows every page skewed. I have looked on Fujitsu support site, and it appears that some versions of the ScanSnap software have a "deskew" option in the settings. That setting does not seem to exist in the version of the software I have (which is the latest version).

Based on forum searches, I understand that there is software out there (e.g. Acrobat) that can fix skewed pages. However, seems like there is a software problem here that should be fixed in the Manager app. If every scan I do with Scansnap requires another step to fix, I will just get a different scanner.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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