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Add options to open context notes (related notes) in new tab and copy note link



Please can you add "open note in new tab" and "copy note link" to the context menu for related notes in the context area, or better still, just use the same context menu you use for notes in the note list?

I like the context section at the bottom showing related notes, but the only options available to me are to view the related note in a pop up (modal dialog) by clicking on it, or to convert it to PDF from the context/right-click menu.

99% of the time I want to open the related note in new tab to read it and compare it to the current note, or copy a link to it so I can add it to the note I am editing (or a note in another tab). To do that now I have to open a new tab, search for the note and then use the context menu in the note list area of the search results to copy a link and/or view the note if it not the first result. The problem with the existing pop up view is that it loses scroll position and resets to the top every time you open it. This makes comparisons hard if the text is not near the top as you have to scroll down it every time you open the pop up. Switching between tabs which will retain scroll position is much more effective.

I am using: Version 7.8 (457454 App Store), Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110)

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