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pdf annotation feature crashing without saving

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Every time I go to use the annotate PDF feature it crashes on me. I would say how long it takes before crashing but it's different all the time, sometime I'll be using it for 15 minutes and then it'll crash, other times it's less than 5 minutes. I use this app on my mac to annotate slides my professor uploads while he's speaking and use it quite a lot, but it's frustrating when it shuts down and I lose all that I have written on the pdf as a result of the app crashing and not saving anything. I try saving what I have but when it crashes it deletes all of my work. I sent error reports to Evernote but they never got back to me. Has this been happening to anyone? Also, is there a way to save annotated pdfs without exiting out the screen? I find that I lose time by exiting out of the pdf to save it, opening it back up, and finding the slide that I was on.. 

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The exact same thing happens to me. I annotate for about 30 minutes sometimes, and the app just unexpectedly closes, making me lose all my progress and starting again. It's really frustrating. I contacted support about this but it seems like they aren't sure about what's going on either. I wish they can fix this ASAP, I mean a lot of customers pay a whole year of premium and this happens...

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Evernote support do nothing about this and dozens other bugs. They send endless questions about the problem and finally You have not time or effort to reply them so the problem is disposed. I have never seen another company like this. We all pay for this and they do nothing about it.

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1 hour ago, jozefbaar said:

They send endless questions about the problem

Hi.  If Evernote can't easily duplicate the issue on their test machines,  they need to understand what is causing the crashes before they can fix it for everyone.

1 hour ago, jozefbaar said:

finally You have not time or effort to reply

- and if they still haven't found it,  and can't yet fix it,  not replying to questions and suggestions will mean the support request gets closed - on the basis that you may have found a fix anyway.

1 hour ago, jozefbaar said:

We all pay for this and they do nothing about it.

See comments above - and we're all paying for unlimited storage, searches and a lot of other features too.  Annotation isn't something I use (and I'm not a Mac user anyway) - but aren't there a range of applications that could be used for annotation,  besides Evernote's built-in feature?

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What I do not understand from the initial posting: Are the PDFs of the lecture available as pdf before the course, or is the prof really uploading page by page as individual PDFs during the lecture ?

In the first case I would try using a local notebook to save the pdf to, put the annotation in there, and shut down the sync in EN while taking the notes.

If the app crashes only in this situation, it may have to do with an intermittent internet connection. If there is no sync, the chances of database corruption are reduced. I would only start syncing after the annotation to the local note is done. To sync it, copy the completed annotated note back to a notebook that will be synced. 

If the PDFs are only distributed while lecturing, there may be a similar strategy to load them down into EN, and move a copy directly into a notebook marked as local. This should shield the content from being synced while the annotation is still happening.

Another option may be to use a different tool while in the lecture, and move the annotated pdf to EN afterwards. Since I am not using a Mac, I have no idea. On my iPad I prefer GoodNotes for pencil annotation of PDFs , and pdf Expert for typed notes.

P.S. And yes, we all think our software should not foul our efforts. But if it happens, a workaround may take us further than lamenting „the industry“ that takes with ease (our money), but gives with reluctance (support, functions, relief, you name it). Compared with what we had „back then“ we are talking miracle tools today. And sometimes a spell goes wrong, y‘ know 🧙🏼‍♂️

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9 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Another option may be to use a different tool while in the lecture, and move the annotated pdf to EN afterwards. Since I am not using a Mac, I have no idea.

Macs come with the Preview app installed. 

It's always been my Go-To for annotations

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I have the same issue. I spoke to the customer support, and they seemed as confused as me. Im a mac user and i use annotation all the time. Sometimes, when im in class, the annotation crashes and i lose all of my progress which is extremely fustrating. I bought the Premium so I can use mainly this feature, and i think im gonna unsubscribe and use only Preview.

Sorry for my bad english,

 I just hope it will get fixed someday.

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