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9 hours ago, 12Holly said:

I have attempted to copy and paste from the note's history however that just creates empty boxes in a new note.

Import from note history.  This will provide a note you can work with.

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Help! I am a new user, was writing and then taking a break, decided to look at what some of my options were on the screen. Up top right of note is a couple icon options--one looks like a table and the other looks like a long line. I clicked on the long line wondering what it was, and all my note text that I've spent several days writing, disappeared. I tapped on the table icon and a black table appeared in the text's place. Now my "note" (piece of fiction I'm writing" seems irretrievable!!! Aaaack! My worst fears realized!? And here I thought this was a safe way to maintain my fiction. ... Help!?

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