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Open note with text cursor at the end of note



I don't know about you guys, but when I edit notes I add new text to the end of the note, similar to writing on an actual notepad.

For some reason, whenever I go to edit a note on my Android app, it sends the text curser to the very top of the note? There is no option to automatically send the curser to the bottom of the note... 


Such a basic feature that has been requested for YEARS by many users; users who are responsible for the success of Evernote. Please; implement this. Why is this not an option yet?! It's a great idea and everyone will love you for it.

Please and thank you

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Actually I add new text to the TOP of a note if I'm recording progress in some activity or other*.  And I specialise in short notes,  because Evernote doesn't seem to play that well with long ones.  This isn't some sort of defence for Evernote - I'm just pointing out that I use a tool for what it does best,  and avoid any operations that stress things too much.  Evernote might be able to change the app to satisfy this sort of operation,  but it's going to cost tens of thousands in development and testing (at least) and there's no obvious payback if its to satisfy non-paying users that 'might' then subscribe... and it's going to take a year or two minimum from the time they start - so anyone interested might well have moved on to other software by then anyway.

* And for the longer 'story' notes,  I add a new note with the same title or tag,  rather than try to append another paragraph to a long text.  I can find all my segments anytime I need them all as one document,  and if I create a Table of Contents note I can then move the order around as necessary before merging them all into one document...

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I often add text somewhere in the middle of an existing note, so a default to either top or bottom gets in my way (mildly) in those cases. I find it handy to tap on the note in the note list (or access it via a widget), then scroll to the point where I want to edit and tap there to open it for editing.

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