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Issue with twitter notes sent to Evernote

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I now have an issue sending twitter feed notes to Evernote from my iPhone ( iOS 12.4.1). I use Tweetbot to browse my twitter account & occasionally send tweets I wish to keep or follow up to evernote via the share option. I find that when I open Evernote to view that shared tweet I cannot open it, screen shot attached. If I try to close the "cookie use link'  it doesn't respond & is unusable .

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 15.32.38.png

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Hi.  Just tried this in Android.  The note now says "Clipping..." but the note information includes the original URL for this tweet.  I'd suspect that Twitter is being.. reluctant.. to share its pages when approached by what is to it a third-party bot trying to skim its data.  Seems likely a Twitter issue rather than Evernote.  At least I should be able to go back and browser-clip the content on a desktop... 

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