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Hide sidebars on desktop client



One of my favorite features of Things 3 is the ability to hide the sidebar using the trackpad to swipe.  This feature would allow you to focus on the note area.  I realize there is a keyboard shortcut to hide the sidebar, but it would also be nice to hide the list view as well.

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3 hours ago, J8hn said:

it would also be nice to hide the list view as well.

Pease explain the logic for this request.1056021665_ScreenShot2019-02-22at18_27_55.png.2aceee8f97512bf80a3a84a1aa191cec.png

Mostly I work with notes in the three panel view.  
If I need more space, I open the note in it's own window.

I run with a minimal sidebar on my Mac; just icons.

I use top list view so my notelist is on the top; I can adjust the size and minimize.

As the note navigation panel, I consider this too important to hide.

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44 minutes ago, J8hn said:

I would like the ability to focus on a specific note instead of opening a new window. 

And you navigate to the "specific note" by?

I know there are alternatives but I mostly I live in the notelist.

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You can navigate to the note list by keyboard command or even better via a gesture.  The note list would still be there, you could have the option to hide and unhide.  

I wish I could show you how it works on Things, but I couldn't find a video showing this feature.


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