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Easier way to access my templates.



Currently it takes four frustrating taps to open my template. 

Instead, I propose that MY templates should be front and center, not a bunch of Evernote templates I never use or care about.

Second, change the behavior to how you edit a template.  To select a template to apply to a new not, use  a short press and use a long press to edit the template. With these changes I could access my template in half the presses.

One last idea is to access my default template (whichever I specified it to be) by long pressing the template button on a new note. Now just one press gets me the one template I use for nearly every note.


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On 2/22/2019 at 4:16 PM, Zaggner said:

Currently it takes four frustrating taps to open my template. 

OK,  so in Evernote... my taps were:

  1. "+" for a new note
  2. text note
  3. template
  4. my templates
  5. choose template
  6. apply template
  7. complete and save note
  8. Start again - and I still have to choose 'my templates'...

Hmmn.  I'm not sure what the guys could do to about shortening that a lot,  but I do agree with you about defaulting to 'my templates' - I complained about that in the Windows version and Evernote changed it (thanks again folks...).  It's a bit of a work in progress,  but hopefully they'll do that in the next release (or so).

Apart from that one keystroke though the whole process takes a few seconds,  and maybe there's a mechanization process out there from IFTTT or similar that will give us a one-tap icon to generate notes in one or more favorite template(s).  If anyone has any ideas in that direction,  please post them here - I'd be interested too!

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