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Filterize and Read-Only notes

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My 12,000+ notes are protected1330083958_ScreenShot2019-02-19at11_20_07.png.473760f16b84cfcd211c72c8c3effd6f.png

The notes are assigned tag:!Filterize-ReadOnly
and can not be modified or deleted
until the tag is removed from the note

The 🔒 added to the title is a nice feature.
It's optional, and is a great indicator that Filterize is doing it's thing.  Also an indicator for the unprotected notes

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18 minutes ago, tvslaven said:

They have gotten tons of request for a quick lock option for notes.

This is not currently a feature supported by Evernote
I am interested in more details on the  "three lines of code", but you should be posting in this discussion


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