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rendering with Safari Clipper

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19 hours ago, rob10001 said:

Mac 10.14.3 Safari 12.0.3, clipper 6.13.2

Not what I was expecting when I captured this article. It's happening to almost all of my clippings.

I presume that many people are having the same issue? And that there is no fix in sight?


Could you ptovide more details as to what your issue is; what were you expecting?

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Well, the overlay is supposed to be a ribbon on the far side of the page. Below that, the menu of items loses its' formatting and items that were on a single neat line, are now triple spaced  with the item number on a separate line from the description. 

The photo is actually shifted as if it was 'aligned right margin'.

So I was expecting the clip to be exactly like the web page. In fact, I've had to use 'simplified article' to get a printable and useable recipe.

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On 2/15/2019 at 1:54 PM, rob10001 said:

So I was expecting the clip to be exactly like the web page.

My experience is the Evernote editor/browser can only handle simple web pages (html) and will not render "exactly like the web page"

You would have better results with screenshots.
This is a serious recommendation.  I've been burned to many times with screen clips or printing to pdf.

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