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Hello, I have the Windows store version of Evernote on my Windows 10 laptop. I am trying to import from OneNote (I have OneNote 2016 and the Windows store version of OneNote installed). I was able to import one section of a notebook to Evernote. However, when I try and import another section, I keep getting a message that says "OneNote notes cannot be imported at this time". I have tried restart both applications and my laptop, but the error persists. Any thoughts on how to fix?

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I have a similar issue with Evernote Windows 10 app.

File > Import > Mocrosoft OneNote says:

"Importing note requires the desktop version of OneOne 2007 or higher, avaiable at www.onenote.com. OneNote from the Windows Store will not work."

As per this message I went to www.onenote.com, but there is no "desktop version" (or any other app) there.

What's next? Forget migrating to Evernote and just stick with OneOne?


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The method recommended by the employee above (dconnet) no longer works.  I have Office from O365 AND the version from the link above installed on my Windows 10 system and Evernote continues to complain that OneNote is not installed.  Is there a modern fix to this issue?

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