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(Archived) Storing scanned images elsewhere?



So, I'm using Evernote to receive stuff scanned by a Fujitsu SnapScan, and it's working wonderfully.

The problem is that the PDF itself is being included in the note, and this is causing the Evernote folder on the computer to grow alarmingly. I'd like to have the files be attachments to the note, rather than stored in the Evernote db folder. Is there a way of doing that?


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When you add a file, regardless of type to EN, EN adds a copy to it's database. There is no way to add the PDFs to EN but not have the PDF added to the EN database, AFAIK. If you're running short on space and you don't have a premium account, you could upgrade to premium & get 500 mb per month.

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Actually, I am a premium subscriber. The problem isn't the 500MB upload limit; it's that the machine's boot drive is space-constrained, and I am importing a *lot* of documents. Is there a way of moving the EN database to someplace besides the boot drive?

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On the Mac, your files are stored within your Mac account's "home" directory, under:

Library / Application Support / Evernote

If you move your whole Home directory to a different location, then Evernote's data would be stored in that new location.

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