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(Archived) Feature request: Hide left pane



When working with groups of notes selected by notebook/tag/attribute, it would be handy to be able to hide the left hand pane altogether. Partly this is a matter of screen real-estate, but also eliminating distracting unrelated context.

Even better would be to also have a variation of the 'new note' action that would automatically create a note with the currently-selected notebook+tag(s) pre-filled.

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It would be great if we could get rid of the left pane AND shrink the view smaller. Even at its smallest (drag left pane closed) it still takes up more than 1/4 of my 13" screen. I wish I could have something like the iOS UI.... As someone who doesn't generally use folders, it is totally useless most of the time. I know I am in the minority, but I still want the choice.

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I prefer to access my notebooks via favourite bar rather thank constantly have the left panel open. There definitely should be an option for this.

Also, when I am looking at a specific notebook, I would like the favourite bar to hide unassigned tags. This way I can quickly access my notebook and specific tags within the notebook without using the left panel. Overall this makes Evernote simpler and cleaner.

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Any chance that this will be made available for any of the lesser cats. Can't upgrade because of software incompatibility issues :(

Not currently a high priority :(

It'll show up in a beta if we do

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If you're on Lion, click Hide in the favorites bar. Hides the left panel

This does not work properly. If I close (not quit) Evernote, when I open it again, left panel glitches and re-appears again for a second and then hides itself again. It is not hidden, instead it hides itself every time I open Evernote. If I quit Evernote, left panel appears again as usual.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Hide left panel.

2. Close Evernote.

3. Open Evernote and watch the left side of the screen - observe the half a second glitch.

This should be fixed and further made into an option.

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