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(Archived) Is anyone using EN in a multi-user, multi-location setup?

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Dear all,

I've been asked to look at a better method of making data and communications easier in a slightly odd scenario.

I'm a farm animal vet in a team of seven, we write a number of reports of farmers which we obviously need to archive (currently this involves filing cabinets, swearing, you can imagine the rest) - they also need to be readily available to the other vets should they be called to examine a situation without being able to contact the vet concerned.

Using EN in my personal life I obviously thought it to be solution and was considering the workflow below, but was wondering whether any other users have experience in this sort of environment.

1. Letters, lab results and reports enter EN by scanning (as PDF) or new note addition with PDFs attached.

2. Managing the notebooks, for new users this will be essential. I was planning to have one member of admin staff 'controlling' notebooks (and tags in the future) so that vets (who are fairly techno-phobic) simply scan (onto a server running EN with a monitored folder) or email the document to the EN 'inbox' notebook which the admin staff then add to the appropriate farmer's notebook. Once we're over the initial problems with concept we'll try and get vets adding notes themselves.

3. Multiple vets need to potentially be able to access different or the same notes from a variety of platforms depending on where they are located (Blackberry or windows client on laptop) - might this be a problem?

So what do you think, any thoughts and comments appreciated!

I've not used EN on the Blackberry but know that there have been some updates, how well does it handle PDFs?



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It's technically possible to use a single Evernote account on multiple machines (and locations) via different people. This can lead to some issues if two different people try to change the same note at about the same time ... the service will accept the changes of the first client to submit a change, and then the second client will fail with a "synchronization conflict" that will put the conflicting local data into a separate local-only notebook for manual resolution.

In the future, we plan to add the ability to access shared notebooks within our desktop applications, which may help with this type of usage.

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Yes this works quite well. We have three of us using from same location with the same login—each have our own database on our own machine and sync via the Evernote service.

More info here viewtopic.php?f=30&t=17505&p=71299#p71299

And Dave—I'm not gonna ask :) when but am looking forward to the shared notebooks on the desktop client and seeing how you implement it. I hope the shared notebook will just appear and behave as another notebook in our client and we can copy and move notes between the shared notebook and ur other notebooks—unless of course it is read only in which case the ability to copy into one of our own notebooks would be nice.

I do imagine you will be having fun as to tag behaviours across the different notebooks but the way sharing works in the web client without the ability to see the notebooks as just another book really limits the use of this feature IMO.

Just my 2c and thanks for the great product.

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In the future, we plan to add the ability to access shared notebooks within our desktop applications, which may help with this type of usage.

Excellent, it seemed so logic that the notebook I'm sharing with my wife for household matters would appear in both our desktops applications. The fact that she can only access it through the web makes it unusable for her.

Any idea on the timing of this (windows)?


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