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Saving PDF fails on iOS...

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Endless save loop ... "post" adding tags and subsequently "saving"

... only way to stop this is to close app, in order to exit from the evernote save dialogue box

- subsequent re-opening of browser app shows an abend occurred "did not close" properly do you wish to restore?" dialogue in the browser...

This is not new - has been so for the past several years?!:(

If by default the  Evernote app is not configured to save a PDF in browser- please create;

  1. dialogue box indicating so... and/or
  2. offer to create link to the PDF, or, 
  3. save as an attachment in an Evernote note...

PDF's are commonly encountered on line as we all know  - and is a shame /limit that Evernote still does not seem to be able to save/link/embed/attach this type of online document format.

How to make Evernote great again!


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Hello, David, I do understand the frustration.

However, this post is weak on the facts: Device, iOS status, build of browser, sample of pdf tried to clip (link to the page) etc.

I am using the iOS workflow quite intensely and have up to now not encountered problems like this (knock on wood ...). If I had, I would be frustrated as well !

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Perhaps I was not clear:

IF you are viewing any PDF document in an iOS browser (in this example displayed, and in browser CHROME) - AND - if the user chooses to save to Evernote (as done for any Web page displayed in browser) - Then Evernote dialogue appears, with the active rotating circle ... saving, saving, saving saving.... forever saving - it simply hangs in a perpetual saving loop. 

Try it... navigate to an online PDF displayed within the browser and try to save (iOS)...

A failure of interface/function.



Paying user since 2012


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Hello David,

just tried it - because I want to be correct in saying so, I do not have the problems described:

  • Opened a website in Safari
  • Opened a pdf on this website, a new tab opens with the pdf
  • While the pdf is on display, clicked on share, selected Evernote from the apps line
  • A box opens, I introduced a Title (sometimes it puts it right in there, in this case not), picked the notebook and a tag, clicked then on save
  • Very briefly, the data transfer disk shows up
  • Go to Evernote App, it syncs on opening, and the note is there !

So it works with Safari. Chrome I do not use, but I use a handful of other browsers (Cliqz, Firefox klar) on occasion and did not have a problem there either.

iOS and EN app are at the latest available release level (no betas), tested on iPad Pro 10.5. I do not have problems either doing the same from my iPhone 6S+.


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I'm sorry to say that I followed the exact directions from PinkElephant and it does not work.  The PDF that is in the Evernote file has not data and is blank page.  This has long been an issue with me as well.  

IOS Device - iPad Pro 12.9

IOS - 12.2

Safari - I will assume IOS 12.2 reflects version of safari

PDF was simple Bill from one of my accounts.

I used the 'Evernote' clipper which gives EVN box to update all info.  If I use the 'Copy to Evernote' it will work but then I have to manually udpate all of the information.  Small price to pay but is not workflow I want.


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When I tried, it was on a pdf with public access through the www. Just tried again, worked again on a completely different website, as it worked always for me with iOS. There is an issue with pdfs using Firefox on win-desktop, but this is a different story.

What does it mean „PDF was simple Bill from one of my accounts“ ? Maybe the issue is with the source. 

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1 minute ago, sreed1927 said:

A PDF of a Bill from ATT.  It is problem with ALL PDF's.  It will not work from Safari.

Is the PDF saved when you select a different destination?

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44 minutes ago, sreed1927 said:

No, it's not saved.  It's in a tab in Safari.

Right, and you're using the share menu to save the pdf
Evernote isn't working, I'm wondering if a different destination will be successfull

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Some downloaded PDFs contain renderable text and won’t OCR completely.   You can fix this by saving the PDF as Tiff (which will create a tiff per page), then opening the first page with a PDF editor and dragging the other pages in, then either recognizing text with the PDF editor or saving to EN and letting EN do it.  PITA if it is a renderable text issue, but only reliable way I have found to fix.  And AT&T fits the bill for this. 

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What I do when I run into problems with displayed content on an i-device is different:

  • Open the website, document, etc. If available, on websites I use the reader option
  • Press the share button, select „print“. A print dialog box will open. Select if necessary the page range.
  • Put 2 fingers on the little document in the box, „pinch“ outwards (move both fingers apart)
  • The document will open as a pdf in the standard pdf display
  • Use share again, select Evernote, add information like title, notebook and tags
  • Save, done !
  • The „clean“ pdf created this way will be OCRed by Evernote
  • It can be post-processed using a pdf editor, like PDF Expert.

This works for me in all cases that show problems with other options.

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I stumbled upon this post when searching for solution to a similar problem with Evernote not saving a PDF correctly. The note created after sharing the PDF from Safari browser would be a blank note. Turns out, there is a option when sharing to choose the format in which to share. In the top of the sharing dialog box, just below the file name (I am on iOS 13). The default is "Automatic". I changed it to PDF. Evernote was then able to save the note with the PDF correctly. Hope this helps. 

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