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(Archived) REQUEST: Styles

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I have been using the premium version for a while and must say that I am loving Evernote. The only thing I feel slows me down is the ability to set styles. It would be awesome if I could set general styles for notes similar to in word where I can highlight text and change it to a Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. that way I am not constantly working on formatting and having to maintain my only styling.

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Yup, me too

Some keyboard shortcut ideas:

CTRL-0 for default style

CTRL-1 for heading 1

CTRL-2 for heading 2

CTRL-7 for bulleted list

CTRL-8 for numbered list

CTRL-9 for indented text

(these numbers make sense when you use the numeric keypad, I've set up Microsoft Word like this and it is really handy)

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Absolutely essential feature. Just please don't do it like in the new iPad version where selecting "Heading 1" just applies some predefined formatting to a piece of text, and there is no way to change the look of all the headings in all notes.

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I thoroughly agree that the ability to use simple styles, particularly Heading 1 and Heading 2, in addition to the various lists already existing would be of huge value.

There are many ways of implementing this.

The simplest would be add an h1 and an h2 (and an 'n' for normal button) that just change the currently selected text or current cursor position.

First time out, these could be fixed format and I would still be a lot happier.

Following that, being able to customise these styles would be handy.

Yes, it should behave like Word, and, yes, I understand that you are developing a note taker, not a Word processor.

So, please, this would make Evernote much more appealing.

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I think trying to add styles to notes is a quagmire. Styles rarely carry over from one application to another. Styles for web publishing might be different from styles for printing, posting to GoogleDocs is different than sending as a Word attachment, etc. A much better direction, IMHO, is to simply use plain text. It's much easier to simply paste the text into a good word processor or html editor and apply styles there depending on the end use.

That said, plain text with a simple markup language such as Markdown might be the way to go.

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A much better direction, IMHO, is to simply use plain text.


That said, plain text with a simple markup language such as Markdown might be the way to go.

It is clear that Evernote does not go the "plain text" direction. And with reason: one of the strengths of Evernote is exactly that it can handle rich text and images.There are much better solutions for dealing with plain text notes anyway (simplenote, etc.), some already supporting Markdown.

It's much easier to simply paste the text into a good word processor or html editor and apply styles there depending on the end use.

For the scenarios where I use Evernote (especially meeting notes), Evernote is the "end use".

IMO, the point of having styles in Evernote would be to be able to quickly make text parts look like something specific (say, a section title, or an important warning paragraph). This currently requires numerous clicks (e.g. to have blue headings this would be something like: select text, make bold, increase font size and set font color).

Styles would allow to do the above example in one or two clicks, or (even better) using a customizable keyboard shortcut.

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I don't want to start a war here, just offering my opinion...

one of the strengths of Evernote is exactly that it can handle rich text and images

True. But this doesn't mean EN should have an image editor built in. Easy enough to use a dedicated program for that and simply drag the finished product into it.

I occasionally must use an equation editor and certainly appreciate the built in editors of Word or LibreOffice. However, I don't expect EN's editor to match their capability. Evernote's real strength isn't its editor, it's how easy it is get stuff into it, add notations (or not), organize them (or not), share them (or not), and find them later.

I'm not denying the usefulness of styles, and they would be useful for some people. I just fear the creep towards bloatware.

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Ditto for me. I separate my notes into sections with headers that I like to "style" to make them stand out more so they are easy to scan for (especially in lengthy notes). The option to select a pre-set style would be great. And of course the option to customize those preset styles would be a must have too.

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I do understand the bloatware concern, but I think the ability to use core HTML styles/markups such as H1, H2, etc. is an essential feature for any note tool. The ability to mark up a document using H1, etc. is more than just about formatting, it is significant to the meaning of the content of a document. I would argue that the latter is actually even more important than the formatting aspect. When I markup a major heading using H1 I am adding important meaning to that content within my document not merely changing the way it looks. Even if Evernote went the Google Docs route allowing markup but not allowing custom formatting of markup this would be a major improvement. At least then the meaning would be preserved. Ideally Evernote would allow us some means--even if hidden by default so as to no clutter things up--of defining the formatting for our styles.

Of course what has been said above about the inefficiency of having to constantly apply the same formatting to our headings is very true. It is very tedious to have to select every heading and subheading and then make the same multi-step formatting changes to keep my notes consistent.

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I just registered to stress the value of this feature too.

I believe that just a few templates for headings are of great value for anybody using Evernote to write down thoughts about a topic. Everything I write down needs a heading, and doing this by hand every time is annoying and unnecessary for users.

So what would I imagine this feature to look like?

Well, there should be a standard style for every notebook, meaning that there is a fixed format for normal input and headings. When you want to write down a heading, there should be a button that increases the fontsize, and makes the text bold. But after pressing enter to start a new line, it should switch back to the standard format again. Just like in Microsoft Word. This will make it much easier to structure your works and put them down in a recognizable way. Also, the only advantage of a real notebook in my eyes is exactly that writing these headings is easy and instant.

I hope that this will be considered as a new feature,

Kind Regards

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This is the age of Markdown ! Please provide a few simple paragraph styles to be able to take notes with a minimal structure… I dont care about the bold, font or other word like buttons of the 90's, i simply would like headers, em and strong… with visual feedback.

Any plans for that ?

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