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Changing attachment names




     The feature wherein one may print from an application to PDF directly into Evernote is a mainstay of my workflow.  These attachments however have the same file name each time.  Therefore I need to change the file name prior to filing away the attachment.  I use the Cntl-click option to access the dropdown menu and change the name of the attachment.  I make the change and then wait for Evernote to reset the name back to the original, then I may change it again.  Sometimes I must attempt the change three times before Evernote decides I must be serious about making these changes.  

     As far as I can tell there is no particular pattern to when this will or will not work on the first try.  

     Has anyone encountered this feature and do you know a reliable way to change the attachment name on the first try?  

     Thank you.

Ad Astra Per Aspera,


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