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Type gets bigger after backspacing

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Okay, I'm not even sure how to word this to search for it. I tried a few different variations.

While editing on Android (Samsung Galax Tablet), if I type, i'm fine. BUT! If I backspace "around" a line break (to delete a bad idea), the resulting line of type becomes larger. This happens EACH TIME I backspace to the previous line.

Am I the only one?

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I use Evernote on a Samsung Android phone, and I haven't seen this (which doesn't mean it's not real). A couple of questions. Are you using the latest version of the EN app? Have you tried Simplify Formatting (from the menu at top right)? What's the source of the text--your own typing, or pasted from elsewhere, such as a Website? Sometimes pasted text comes with unseen HTML formatting that is only revealed when something is deleted.

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OKAY, after a month, I've managed to get it to do it again.

Greeked most of the text in the attached screenshot but you'll get the idea.

I don't remember if this was the case in previous times it did this but, in this case, it happened in a numbered list.

I think it's triggered by backspacing backward over a line break, but once it's triggered, every new numbered "bullet" is slightly larger.

Type Gets Bigger.png

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That is really weird. I do suspect it may have something to do with the specific type of material being pasted and then edited/added to, esp. if it only happens relatively rarely. You might want to contact Evernote support about it, in case there's some programming that could be done to prevent it.

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