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Is there a way around the 6 Step dance of signing, archiving and sending a digital document???


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I find myself often doing this 6 Step dance to send and archive documents that require a signature:

Dance Step 1: I get the document via Email, either as Word or PDF Document

Dance Step 2: I print it

Dance Step 3: I sign the paper version

Dance Step 4: I scan the paper version with the Evernote App

Dance Step 5: I drag the PNGs out of Evernote 

Dance Step 6: I create a PDF and send that out


One notices: this file starts and ends with a PDF. Why on earth do I need to go through two other medium (paper and image) just to get it back to PDF?

Does anyone know a better way???



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This may be device dependent, but I don't print the document.

My devices are a Mac and iPad.  I directly update the digital document.

Evernote has an annotation feature, but I also use other editors.  My editor of choice on the iPad is the Notability app.

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