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How to delete a shared note?



I have a note in "Shared with Me" that I can't delete. It's from 2015 and about some furniture it seems. I don't recognize the person with whom it's shared. I'm not interested in keeping the note at all. But all the delete options are grayed out. How can I get rid of it from my Evernote?


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@douglerner The "Shared with Me" view is displaying all notes that were shared with you at any time in the past, regardless of the current state of the share. At the moment, it's a "view" and not a manageable list.

We're in the process of fixing and redesigning sharing, and this view will likely be changed/improved. But the behavior above is the current behavior for the near future.

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It needs to be unshared before the sharer deletes it. If this is not done, the copy of the note (the one that is in your account) is „orphaned“. You can’t delete it, because you do not own it. The owner can’t manage it, because he deleted his master copy.

It is a bug by design of the sharing as Set up by EN, a long time ago. Probably not easy to fix for them, and because it causes no side effects not on top of any list.

The best what you can probably do is to open a notebook for defunct notes, and move it there.

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