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Can't find annotation tools to mark up pdf

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16 hours ago, schaer said:

I have Premium and attached a pdf to a note, but I don't see any annotation tools anywhere on the screen. Where are they, or am I misunderstanding this feature. Thanks.


A. M. Schaer

Right click in the PDF and select Annotate this PDF.

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4 hours ago, zeddie said:

I am using Windows and when I right click on an image, there is no Annotation menu pop-up. What am I doing wrong?

Are you accessing Evernote using your browser, or the Windows client?  This is what I see when I right click on an image with the Windows client:


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This capability doesn't seem to exist in the Evernote Web client yet. You'd have to save the PDF to your computer and edit it in a dedicated app there (which will probably have better annotations features than any version of Evernote currently does).

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