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Ability to Apply Tag Sets to Web Clipper Content



For notes created in-house, I understand that this sort of action could be accomplished through the duplication of user-created "Template" notes with pre-existing tags. However, for content brought in via the Web Clipper, such functionality would be entirely missing.

For instance, I may want to apply different sets of tags to incoming clipped content depending on the source, content type, etc. Although the web clipper does allow specific tags to be applied to all clipped content, this would not represent a sufficient solution.

If we could utilize our own named tag sets via the Web Clipper, this issue would be instantly resolved. As of right now, the only alternatives would be to apply tags one by one or to handle content from within Evernote, neither of which would be ideal when applying several or more tags.

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2 hours ago, shadowmoses said:

apply tags one by one or to handle content from within Evernote

Or in one shot   Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Tag4, Tag5, ... using copy/paste

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