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Evernote Internal Link's all references need to be retrieved



Hi I have an evernote created long back want to use the merge function to merge it with the latest updated note.

Now I want to check whether the internal link to this old note has been used in any of my notes/notebooks in the past, so that i would either refrain or update all such notes with the link of the new merged note,

Without the knowledge of this , I am restrained to ever touch a note and use the merge function, fearing that all the references to this note(via internal link) will become invalidated.

Eventually this hampers my ability to organize notes effectively, as i am forced to leave old notes as it is and not merge two related notes.

So I propose to give us a feature to check whether reference to an internal link of the note that is going to be merged has been used anywhere else before we decide and go ahead with the  merger.


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