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Mac - Cannot delete note that was shared with me, then revoked, then deleted

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Hi there,


I have a few notes that were shared to me. 

Then owner of those notes revoked access. 

And then the owner deleted them.


BUT... those notes are still in my "shared with me" section on both my macOS and iOS app. 

There is no way I can delete them.

Every time I try to delete them, I get an error audio --no notification, just an error audio, cluing me on the fact that I cannot delete.


I really do not want to clutter up my "shared with me" section --especially if those notes are revoked or deleted on the note owner's end.


Please help!  I would really love to buy the premium service --but to be confronted with a bug at my very first time trying the product is disheartening.


Thank you,



P.S.  Here's my activity log.


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