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I'm curious to know how you can get an internal link to an individual card on the web version. If you found the card via search, you seem only to be able to get a link to the search. I can't find a way of opening the card outside the search parameters (I get the long workaround is to update it and then look to the top of the notes list, but I presume there might be a shorter way). 

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There are no internal links to searches

Can you provide details on why you're not seeing this as a link to the note.

Here's screenshots from my use.127919333_ScreenShot2019-02-03at23_01_29.png.f189c7c03a61085a3b60211d5bc71b37.png

  1. Using Evernote web

  2. Specify a note link url2114098854_ScreenShot2019-02-03at23_02_16.png.8b436e8bab52bca40d7fde1823822333.png
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Most often when I select "Copy Internal Link" I get a link to the saved search, not the note directly, even if the note is maximised. This is also what appears in the address bar. But there are a few occasions when it is a direct link to the note, even when the note has been selected in a search. I'm trying to work out a system behind it.

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12 minutes ago, kitezh said:

Most often when I select "Copy Internal Link" I get a link to the saved search

Please post a screenshot of what you're seeing

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