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Acquisition of Moleskine Evernote pages

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The Moleskine Evernote notebook page capture function does not work in multi-shot mode. The image is captured but then processed indefinitely. That this happens on dedicated notebooks is absurd and prevents automatic selection, and the conversion of text or image into a clear format. Only the use of the basic camera allows a poor result, preventing the identification of Moleskine pages, Post it and business cards. I verified this anomaly both on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s and on the Samsung S2 Tablet. I hope that the problem is solved, being, at least for me, a great limitation

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FYI-- I've had the same problem, but I did find a workaround. For me the "indefinite processing" problem only happens when I take the picture in "Automatic Mode." If I take the picture in "Manual Mode," go to the picture (without clicking the green checkmark), and then (under "Save As") choose "Document," I get a scan that appears to be the equivalent of the document scan I would get in "Automatic Mode." 

About a week and a half ago I submitted a bug report on this issue, submitting my logs as per the instructions for submitting such bug reports. They responded and asked me to try the normal "uninstall, reboot, reinstall" fix. I reported to them that that did not work and sent them new logs. They then gave me instructions on how to submit a video to demonstrate the problem to them. I did that as well and they responded that they have escalated the problem to their programming team.

That news came a couple of days ago, and I've not heard back, but it is clear that they are now aware of the problem and working on it. I will report back when I hear more.

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I was waiting for a response about the escalation before I made a post here about my experience, but since it had been a few days I decided to pull the trigger today. So, of course, I just received a reply today!  :)

Anyway, here is what I got:



Hi Jim,

Thanks for your patience. My name is Hector C. and I'll be the Technical Support Specialist assisting you with your scanning inquiry.

I read over your previous replies with Hector S to catch myself up. I understand that you continue to experience an issue where taking a picture of a document or photo using the automatic mode results in the processing dialogue to remain indefinitely.

I wanted to let you know that Im currently investigating this issue and hope to have a better idea as to why this is occurring within the next few days. I've reviewed the information you provided along with your most recent forum post and will try and replicate this issue on our test devices so that it can be reported to our development team.

If you discover any new developments, feel free to let me know on this ticket but you should expect to hear from me again within the next few days.

I appreciate your continued patience and understanding.


So, I'm satisfied that they are working on it. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.


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I got another response last week. Been busy at work and haven't had time to post it, so sorry for the delay. Here is is:



Hi Jim,

I appreciate your patience. I wanted to touch base with you and fill you in on where we stand with the reported issue.

I've been unable to replicate the issue on our test devices. I've attempted to do so with our Moleskine notebooks like many of the forums posters were mentioning and I also attempted with dotted graph paper which is what was used in your provided video.

While I've been unable to replicate the issue, I still have gone ahead and reported the issue to our QA and development team. While I don't have a time or date on when this would be resolved, do know they are working diligently on investigating the issue.

I currently do not have a resolution that I can provide as this seems to be an issue that will require a software update to resolve completely. With that being said, I would recommend you keep automatic updates enabled so that you are able to download the update as soon as its released.

Im going to mark this ticket as answered while we wait for a resolution from our development team. If you have any questions or concerns or would simply like an update on the status of the fix, please don't hesitate to let me know in this ticket directly.

I do appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we work on a resolution.


So I guess we just wait for updates and hope it gets fixed. In the meantime, I hope my workaround helped.

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