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Log in from unknown device

Christian T


I was requested to remove one of my 3 devices or upgrade. One of the "3" devices was an android device. it was in my list of devices and it is in my log history. Not sure where to get help with this topic as evernote don't really seem to offer support.  I have changed my password.

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Hi, @Christian T, and welcome to the forums! Evernote's direct support is for paid Premium subscribers, but these user-to-user forums can often offer advice. In this case, try searching the forums for "unknown device"--it's been reported quite a bit lately that passwords stolen from other services are being tested to see if they work on Evernote. Changing your password was exactly the right thing to do. Evernote recommends not using a password that is used for other Websites or services. Hope this helps some.

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